Proposal Guidelines, Checklist and FAQ

Guidelines for Instructional Project Proposals

The PCI Foundation has provided grants for schools of architecture, engineering and construction management to create new precast concrete education programs in coordination with a local precast industry partner since 2001. Precast programs run the gamut from pure architectural design studios, to co-studios between architects and engineers, or can be run fully from the engineering side of the program. How the program develops depends on the players involved, curriculum requirements and community needs.

The first step in any proposal process is identifying the partners - the professor or professors who will be involved in the program and the industry partners who will assist them. Next, fill out a preliminary proposal form to make the PCI Foundation aware that the team is working together and give them an opportunity to provide assistance. It is important that both partners design a program that takes both the curriculum needs of the school and the resources of the partner into consideration. Once the program is up and running, the partner will work closely with the school and be included in presentations, tours, and other activities during the year.

Once the partners have finished writing the proposal, it can be submitted to the PCI Foundation at any time. Starting in 2017 final proposals will be considered two times per year - In June and in October (deadlines are end of May and end of September). Proposals considered in June may start the following fall at the earliest and proposals considered in October may start the following January at the earliest. 

To answer questions about the PCI Foundation grants, start with our "Frequently Asked Questions." For more information on applying for funding, see the "Guidelines for Instructional Project Proposals."

At any time in the process, please feel free to call Ms. Marty McIntyre at (708) 386-3715 or email for assistance with completing a proposal. 


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Start Up Checklist
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Preliminary Proposal Form
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Frequently Asked Questions
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Studio Proposal Guidelines
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10 Partner Activity Ideas
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Welcome Memo for Grantees
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Memorandum of Understanding Template
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What Makes a Proposal Stand Out?
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