About the PCI Foundation


The PCI Foundation (originally the PCI Education Foundation) was launched in 2001 by a small group of determined people dedicated to significantly expanding the Industry's educational activities. From these humble beginnings emerged the spark for a "grand plan" to provide for the Industry's future success by helping ensure the continued availability of talented people and new technology. It was quickly recognized that such an effort required a much broader base of support to be truly effective, and the idea for a more ambitious approach was born.


The PCI Foundation is a not-for-profit educational and scientific association with tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Tax Code. While closely affiliated with PCI, the Foundation is governed by a separate Board of Trustees and maintains independent financial resources. PCI provides limited funding and staff support to the Foundation. Three charter councils oversee the Foundation's work:

  • Academic Council - develops and maintains a functional partnership with the academic community for the development, dissemination, and application of knowledge regarding precast concrete systems. This council is chaired by Richard Miller.
  • The Development Council - identifies sources of funding and solicits contributions from individuals, corporations, government agencies, and other organizations in support of the Foundation and its programs. This council is chaired by Jim Voss.


The future of the Foundation is bright. For now, the concentration is on partnering with top-notch architecture, engineering and construction management programs around the US to help students learn about precast in a progressive and exciting environment. Tied in with this is the dynamic relationship of the local industry in assisting students.


2017 Trustees


Dean Gwin, Gate PrecastChairman

Thomas Kelley, Gage Brothers, Vice Chairman

Bob McCormack, Encon United, Secretary/Treasurer Trustees


  • Todd Adams, JVI Inc.
  • Peter Finsen, G/C PCI
  • Greg Force, Tindall Precast
  • Leon Grant, Coreslab
  • Dan Jutunen, Wells Concrete 
  • Mason Lampton, Standard Concrete Products
  • Michael Malsom, The Consulting Engineers Group
  • Marianne Methven, Hamilton Form
  • Richard Miller, University of Cincinatti
  • Bob Risser, PCI
  • Glen Switzer, Durastress
  • James R. Voss, JVI Inc.
  • Martha McIntyre, PCI Foundation Executive Director

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