University of Washington
Focuses on Adapting Transit and Parking

The 2016 PCI Foundation Studio was organized around the topic of casting and recasting adapting precast construction to accommodate potential new uses. This studio challenged students to design a precast concrete building that converts from a parking garage to a community-oriented building.

Like urban warehouses that have been first colonized by artists and then converted to condominiums, parking garages have a potent adaptability. Anticipating the near future, the studio project used the modularity of precast concrete to build the pragmatic terrain of a parking garage, which can be recast by the simple occupation of the spaces, incrementally repurposing parking stalls into homes, workshops, community spaces and gardens. The studio aimed to educate students on the design, construction and use of precast concrete buildings and encouraged students to explore new potential directions.

The studio was offered as "Architecture 501" which is commonly known as the tectonic studio because of the intensive focus on design development, materials and structures.