Coloardo State Uses Boot Camp Forumula for Precast

Undergraduate (Also open to Graduate students from both departments) students from the CM and CE departments will form multidisciplinary teams and work with the precast industry and CSU faculty to go through the full experience of a precast DB project. Although this project will introduce the design aspects of precast elements, it will be more heavily focused on the planning and execution of the project in order for the students to understand the real advantages of a precast system as a true alternative to other conventional construction methods. Therefore, the program structure will cover:
• The sustainability and life cycle cost aspects of precast,
• The use of BIM in precast,
• Scheduling and planning (time savings associated with precast),
• Estimating of precast projects
• Site logistics and execution planning.
These topics will be covered through a case study teaching model where all lessons will be related to a specific, under construction project in the Northern Colorado Front Range. The course will also include plant tours and site tours to the specified project. RMP and EnCon have
already committed to select a project where the students will be allowed to tour and perform all of the aforementioned activities regarding this project. The program will give CM students
precast specific design knowledge while also introducing CE students to the practical aspects involved with moving from a design to a completed structure.
Building upon a unique instructional format developed by the CM department, the CM and CE departments are looking forward to create the first multidisciplinary Boot Camp which includes students and faculty from the two different departments along with two different industry partners, the PCI Mountain States Region and the PCI foundation as the major sponsor of the program.