4th Annual Great PCI Foundation BBQ Competition

Last year's PCI Foundation Barbecue Compeition was so successful, we're doing it again!

What is it

Precast Industry plants and suppliers across the US can team up to sponsor a lunch or dinner barbeque for employees and raise money for the PCI Foundation at the same time. Events should take place during the months August - Octuber 2018. 
Companies will compete for a grand prize of a high end grill. Other areas for the competition include: 
  • Highest percentage of employees attending
  • Best event photo (#pcibbq on facebook, instagram or twitter) 
  • Most meat grilled
  • Most unique menu item
  • Most creative extra fundraiser
  • Student attendees
The producer can buy the supplies for the barbeque, or a supplier can sponsor all or part of the menu. 

See the registration form
on the bottom of the page.

Plants participating in the program register their event online with PCI Foundation and pay a $25 entry fee. PCI Foundation will send out a package of materials including information on foundation programs, a banner / flag and PCI Foundation posters. The host company either supplies the barbeque or finds a sponsor for the event. Attendees make a small donation to the PCI Foundation (suggested donation is a minimum of $5). After the party, the applicant will send the cumulative donations to the Foundation along with information about their program. A panel of judges selected by the PCI Foundation Trustees will review the entries and make awards. 
  • Set up a friendly competition within your region or with other competitors to participate in pre-barbeque and obtain bragging rights. 
  • Use the PCI Foundation BBQ as an event for your PCI Region
  • Provide your customers with a fun party while supporting the work of the PCI Foundation 

Who can participate? 

Any company or organization interested in the 

work of the PCI Foundation that registers an event during the month of September 2016 can participate, including precast fabricators, erectors, suppliers, regional organizations or other groups. Two or more companies can team up to enter the competition as a single entry. Use this form to enter.

What are the prizes? 

Grand Prize Companies who register in advance, supply information after the program, submit a photo of their event, and make a donation to the foundation following the event will be eligible for the Grand Prize, a industrial stainless steel grill valued at $2500. A winner will be drawn from all completed entries in the competition on October 15, 2016. 
Highest Percent of Employee ParticipationThe company entry with the highest percent of employees will receive a plaque thanking them for their participation and recognizes their achievement.
Most Meat Grilled The company that serves the most meat at its event will receive a plaque thanking them for their participation and recognizes their achievement. 
Best event photo: The best event photo will be published in the PCI Journal, on the PCI Foundation website and in the PCI Foundation newsletter. 

Why are we doing this? 

The PCI Foundation is funded only through contributions made to the PCIF. 
By educating future specifiers of precast products, the PCI Foundation touches everyone who works in our industry - today and for years to come. We hope that by getting plants and employees at all levels involved it will bring a greater understanding of the work of the Foundation and what it means for the future of the precast concrete industry. 

Other fundraising ideas during the BBQ

Employer Matched Donations Double the value of your employee donations by matching them at 100% or more
50/50 raffle ($1 per ticket, half the money goes to the winner, half goes to the PCI Foundation) 

Silent Auction Ask vendors to donate items, or ask employees to donate handmade items, solicit gift certificates from local restaurants, etc. Put the items on display in a prominent area of the company. At a designated time, close the bidding and collect $$ from those who had the highest bid on the item.

Massage Chair Hire a massage therapist to bring a “massage chair” and ask people to make a donation for a 5 or 10 minute massage. 

Psychic Reading Hire a psychic for the party and ask employees to make a donation to the PCI Foundation in exchange for having their fortunes told

Winners Choice Raffle sell raffle tickets and let employees choose which prize they would like the most by dropping the raffle ticket in a designated container. Great things to raffle in an employee raffle

  • bonus vacation days

  • gift certificates donated by local merchants

  • mugs, tshirts, key chains, etc., with company logo

  • one share of company stock

  • movie passes or lottery tickets

  • a “sleep in late” day - chance to delay arrival

  • Job swap, the boss has to do your job for a day

  • Candy

  • Prime Parking spot for a month

  • Home made craft or cooking donated by volunteers

  • Dinner or lunch with the CEO / Plant Manager

  • Steaks

  • Early dismissal on a Friday

  • Use company frequent flyer miles to give away a pair of tickets on an airline

  • Executive chef - employees will have a dinner hosted at the home of a company executive

  • Cabella’s or Bass Pro Shop Gift Cards

  • Department Store gift cards

Spare Change Jar Set up a “spare change jar” and ask for donations to the PCI Foundation

Ideas to promote the PCI Foundation during the barbeque
  • If you have a local PCI Foundation program, invite students and faculty from the school to join you and speak about the program and meet your employees
  • Invite a PCI Foundation Trustee or representative to the program
  • Purchase a PCI Foundation prize package to raffle off during the party
  • Put up the posters and the banner during the barbeque
  • Add the PCI Foundation logo to company tee shirts worn during the barbeque
Enter by using this form. 
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BBQ Competition Brochure
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2018 BBQ Registration Form
2018 BBQ Registration Form .pdf
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2018 BBQ Entry form
2018 BBQ entry form.pdf
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