Arizona State University 

At ASU, we want to teach precast concrete to as many of our students as we can for as long as we can, and to give them access to all of the great resources that PCI, the professional community in Phoenix, and the regional precast industry have to offer. We also want to bring the world’s leading innovators around precast concrete research and design to Phoenix to share their work with our students and the local architecture and building community, and to work hands-on with our students to help them realize their own visions for the future of designing and building with precast.
These lessons in the use of precast, from mass-production, to mass-customization, and novel innovations in mixes, manufacturing, and assembly will help prepare our students to design and specify precast concrete systems in their careers as professionally licensed architects. Over a potential 4-year term of education with the generous support of PCI Foundation, our students will benefit enormously from a rich suite of experiences with:
  • Tpac Plant Tours, to understand the many techniques of design coordination, fabrication and delivery.
  • Construction Project Tours, to understand coordination and assembly.
  • Completed Building Tours, to understand architectural design potentials.
  • Visiting Industry Champion Lectures, to understand design potentials (i.e. formliners, thin brick, etc…) of specified accessories and techniques.
  • Architectural Coursework, to explore and test ideas for application.
  • Public Lectures from World-leading Experts – attractive to the professional architecture community -- from internationally renowned architects who have won prestigious awards for innovative research and work with precast.
  • Public Reviews of Student Work with faculty and professionals from architecture, engineering, construction management, and our precast industry champions.
  • Publications of student work will be circulated and exhibited by The Design School, and shared with the broader university and professional community.